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Scoreboard will not turn on?

Make sure there is power to the scoreboard. Sometimes the scoreboard will accidentally be shut off from a breaker. It may be plugged in but if the breaker has snapped or was deliberately shut down the scoreboard will not receive power and therefore will not work.

My console works but my scoreboard will not turn on?

A1: Refer to above question. Your scoreboard and console may be on a different breaker which would result in your console working and your scoreboard not working or vice versa.

A2: (Hardwired systems) Your control wire may be shorting out. The control wire that goes from the console to the receptacle in the floor or wall is shorting out. You can figure this out by wiggling the cord at the console and receptacle end while the console is on and the code is in, if the scoreboard flashes with the correct information your control cord is faulty. To get by, you could use a control cord from another Daktronics console.

A3: (Wireless systems) You have the wrong broadcast and/or radio channel set into the console. Typically if you have one wireless scoreboard system, your broadcast channel should be set to 1 as well as your radio channel. If that does not work, you may try setting the broadcast and radio channel to 0.

Everything comes on but the information on the scoreboard does not make any sense?

You may have the put the wrong code in the console. These consoles are designed to operate several sports on several scoreboards, therefore if you do not have the correct code in the console, the console will think it is communicating with a different model scoreboard.

Please note: This is a quick troubleshooting guide, designed to work out the simplest problems in short time. If your problems have not been solved please contact us for service.