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About Us

The quality of the scoreboard you purchase is as equally important as the quality of service that comes with it. Your scoreboard will not break unless you are using it and if you are using it then you need it 100% functional. While shopping around, be sure to ask questions about who your local service company is? Where are they located? What is their turnaround time on service? Do they physically show up on site and can they guarantee the scoreboard working for the next event? These are all very important questions you must take into account when shopping for a scoreboard.

Scoreboard Enterprises, Inc. can and will meet any of your scoring needs. If you have a question on pricing, service or installation we can address these concerns via telephone, email or fax. We have technical support that is available at no cost to you, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM. If you are calling after hours please call our Mansfield, MA office and you can opt to be connected to the on call technician.

We understand that certain organizations do not have the capital of some colleges and universities, therefore, to reduce cost we offer free advice & basic drawings on how to install your scoreboard.

Typically our turnaround time on service is 2-72 hours depending on the time of season. Our turnaround time on scoreboard delivery is 4-8 weeks, also depending on the time of season, however, under certain circumstances we can have delivery in 1-2 weeks.